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The plan may include medications to suppress your appetite & increase metabolism. Also, weekly shots of B vitamins, and/or Fat Burners. Weekly visits to the office help ensure accountability to the weight loss program, the medications, and exercise. Average weight loss from 4-25 pounds per month. *Please be advised that patients do need to qualify for all appetite medications and water pill based on medical history and BMI.

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“The team at solaris has been great!!!…they helped me reach my weight goals and have helped me and my wife with several other things. I will continue to see Dr. McWilliams when needed.” – M. Schiller


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Medical Weight Loss

Our Program

Our program is NOT designed to encourage you to buy pre-packaged meals that may or may not be always available to you or even healthy, but rather help you to make the right choices so that eventual termination of the program will enable you to continue your path of wellness. The program helps you to improve your diet, exercise, and lifestyle, while reducing health morbidities, such as dyslipidemia, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Teamwork from both the patient and the doctor are expected. In addition to medications, weekly B-12 shots will help restore your energy. Indirect calorimetry, every 3 months, will identify your personal caloric need so you’ll know how much to eat and/or how much to exercise to lose weight. You will be coached on your diet and exercise regimen. So come committed to our Arizona office.

A Comprehensive Approach

A comprehensive lab (blood) work-up is first analyzed to reveal any physiologic barriers to natural weight loss. The labs help identify if the weight gain is in part a result of an imbalance of hormones such as thyroid, insulin, testosterone, growth hormone, and/or cortisol. Metablolic testing through indirect calorimetry is assessed to determine how many calories you actually need to sustain bodily activities. This result is compared with your total caloric intake from your diet diary and your energy expenditure from your exercise. Weight gain and weight loss is ultimately an imbalance of caloric intake and caloric expenditure. To help you get control, one or two medications can be prescribed to suppress appetite and increase metabolism.  The plan includes a weekly B-12 shot, a weekly weigh-in, medication, EKG, diet diary, metabolic testing, and accountability. Accountability is strongly encouraged. The client is expected to put forth effort to change their lifestyle that will promote health through better eating and exercise. The client should NOT expect to lose weight by simply taking a pill and/or eating a pre-packaged meal plan. The core of the program is to correct the physiologic deficiencies through medications, nutriceuticals, and correct lifestyle flaws through better eating habits, and exercise.

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Dr. Kenneth McWilliams

Primary Care Physician Staff

Solaris Medical Wellness is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to providing the best quality healthcare in a responsive and caring environment.

Kenneth McWilliams, NMD, MEd

Primary Care Physician in Chandler, AZ
Solaris Medical Wellness

A search for alternative and integrative medicine led Dr. McWilliams to study at several educational institutions. He completed a master of education in exercise science degree at the University of Houston and then attended the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona to become a naturopathic medical doctor (NMD). A practicing doctor since 1994, he started practicing integrative medicine in Arizona in 2004. He has completed a variety of internships and externships in drug rehabilitation centers, acupuncture, family practices, emergency room in Sacaton, as well as physical, pain, and general medicine in various general medical practices.

Dr. McWilliams maintains membership in the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, American Academy of Pain Management, Naturopathic Physicians Board of Aesthetic Medicine, Naturopathic Academy of Therapeutic Injection, and the International Hormone Society.

He holds certification in the following therapies: Anti-aging medicine, Botox and fillers, Curl Lift and lipofilling, mesotherapy (Lipo-dissolve), prolotherapy, microdermabrasion, and many laser treatments.

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