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Mesotherapy (Meso-Lipo Therapy)

Mesotherapy or more specifically, meso-lipo therapy is indicated for spot fat reduction, and NOT for weight loss. Mesotherapy was originally developed by Dr. Pistor, a French physician, in 1952. It had been utilized for pain due to athletic injuries, as well as neurological and rheumatological pain. It was modified in the United States for the reduction of cellulite. It has been particularly effective in destroying (lysis) fat cells (lipo) or lipolysis. Therefore, meso-lipo therapy is indicated for adults who wish to target spot fat reduction and has recently become popularized as Lipo-Dissolve. Although some say that Lipo-Dissolve is not mesotherapy, most, if not all, organizations that train physicians to perform Lipo-Dissolve place under the category of Mesotherapy, since the style of treatment delivery compares to mesotherapy. Although Lipo-Dissolve can be used for fat pads under the eyes, on the neck, and arms, it is perhaps most often sought out for use on the abdomen, love handles, outer and inner thighs, and buttocks. The primary ingredient used by most practitioners is natural phosphatidylcholine (PPC), a naturally occurring chemical in every cell membrane of your body. The PPC is coupled with deoxycholate (DC) to target and kill fat cells. Other ingredients may also be used, but the use of other medicines and their amounts will vary with the physician and the needs of the patient. You can expect to receive multiple injections with a tiny needle and expect to be sore, as from a work-out, for 1 to 2 days. However, pain upon the procedure will be minimized by the application of a topical anesthetic. Treatment duration may take up to 1 hour. The number of sessions will depend on the amount of fat to be removed, but averages 3 – 12 sessions, approximately 3 weeks apart. For enhanced efficacy, the physician may add other modalities to work synergistically with the Lipo-Dissolve.

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Lipo-Dissolve with Skin Tightening

Lipo-Dissolve mesotherapy is indicated for spot fat reduction. If you are happy with your overall weight, but have those annoying “love handles” or “beer gut” or “saddle bags”, then Lipo-Dissolve may be for you. The main ingredient is natural phosphatidylcholine (PPC) with Deoxycholate (DC) to target fat cells and break them up or lyse them (lipolysis). Our approach to Lipo-Dissolve is innovative in that we incorporate massage to break down fibrous nodules that may form from the inflammation AND Skin Tightening (ST) with the Alma Laser, to tighten collagen to smooth out the contour and shrink the size of remaining fat cells through volume reduction (fat cell shrinkage). Both, Lipo-Dissolve and the ST treatments each take approximately 1 hour. While the number of sessions will depend on the amount of fat to be removed, the typical Lipo-Dissolve alone could take 3-12 sessions. Lipo-Dissolve with skin tightening (ST) may average 3 – 9 sessions. The combination of Lipo-Dissolve and ST adds a synergistic component to more resistant and adipose-laden areas.

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