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How Do I Heal My Personal Injury
from a Car Accident or Work Injury?

When you’re affected by a personal injury, it can affect everything from your livelihood to your confidence and self-esteem. Having a team of experienced doctors and therapists on call is crucial to getting you back on track when you’re hurt and dealing with pain from an injury. Learn more about personal injury and the modern treatments that are available.

Common Cases of Personal Injury

A personal injury is any injury or damage caused to a person’s body. It is common in work and automobile accidents as well as slip and fall incidents in retail stores. Mental or emotional damage may also be considered a personal injury. Here are a few of the most common personal injuries that doctors and therapists treat:

– back sprains and lower back pain (sciatica)
– knee, leg and ankle fractures, sprains or tears
– musculoskeletal injuries (affect the muscles, tendons,
ligaments and discs throughout the body)
– pulled groins
– hip fractures
– head injuries (concussions)

Common Treatments

Here are a few of the most common treatments available for people who have personal injuries:

– chiropractic manipulations
– trigger point injections and Regenerative Injection Therapy (RIT)
– acupuncture
– physical therapy and strength exercises for rehabilitation.
– anti-inflammatory medications
– vitamin therapies to help restore energy and hasten the body’s healing process
– surgery in serious cases

How to Get Help with a Personal Injury

At your initial consultation, your doctor’s goal is to get a comprehensive view of your injury and any related symptoms. The process includes taking detailed X-rays of the injury and evaluating your medical history. Your doctor will use this information to recommend a specific treatment plan based on the nature and extent of your injuries. You’ll discuss a timeline for getting you back to work, school or your normal daily activities.

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It’s important that you get help with your personal injury promptly to ensure a full recovery—the sooner you get treatment, the better for your healing process.

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